Increase Your Visibility Through Original Website Content and Social Media Engagement

On average, 71% of people doing a search on Google end up clicking on a link of the front page of results. The first five results alone tend to account for 68% of these front page clicks, and any website sitting in the lucky number one position gets 31% of all clicks on average.

How does a business receive one of these top search engine results? By developing an online web presence that will build authority and trust with Google. How is this accomplished? It all starts with developing original website content that speaks to the audience the business hopes to attract. Regular updated content is then shared across the internet through relevant social media and other outlets that will attract this audience and share the message further.

Addison Marketing works with businesses to help establish an authoritative web presence by developing great original content that answers questions the audience is asking and engaging with the audience through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or wherever the key demographic for the business is located. We also take the time to network with other related sites in the industry to help increase real links to the website.

At Addison Marketing, we know that developing an online reputation takes real time. Yes, there are tricks that can put any business at the top of Google tomorrow, but those are not lasting and will not develop a real online authority that will lead to an increased web visibility in the long run. Also, with Google's increasingly developing algorithms even those tricks are not full-proof anymore. Addison marketers are playing the long game and take the time to help a business grow its reputation online organically with lasting results.