Target SEO

With the invention of the search engine, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was born. These are the ways a website can develop itself to become more flattering to Google. The experts at Addison Marketing are constantly researching which SEO methods work the best and will provide lasting results.

It all starts in the web design process. The Addison Marketing team works with the Addison Design team to ensure that the necessary SEO has been incorporated into the website from the start. This includes placing a variation of keyword phrases in optimized locations, and if the website belongs to a local business, targeting specific geographical locations.

If a business comes to us with an already designed website, our experts will perform an audit of the website to see where improvements can be made. This includes updating page content, creating a blog, improving page titles and descriptions, and making sure the targeted audience will immediately know where to find what they are looking for when visiting the site.

Once the website goes live, the Addison Marketing team then works continuously to develop original, well-written content that speaks to a targeted audience. The goal is then to get this content to as many people as possible and to get them to engage with it. We then reach out to similar industry websites to foster relationships and help to further build an online authority and presence.